A mile ahead failure

I take the risk, I go afar Amidst the barren and the shooting stars To let go it was easy but in vain To bear it and feel the pain That's what I am going to do Stop having that much ado But its not easy as it seems For it is much more than … Continue reading A mile ahead failure

Meander- Weekend Writing Prompt #104

Reverie slithered its way amidst the white patches of clouds and the hollows of space. A thought seemed lost or perhaps missed in a shimmery wisp...What is it? A blow of air or a natural twist. Life has taken a turn. A new phase has begun.  Word Count -47 Prompt originator - Sammi Cox

The world is full of kind people. 

I extend my heartiest thanks to Vijeth for nominating me for Sunshine blogger award.  He, very rightly deserved the nomination himself. If someone is capable of bringing the tiniest possible improvement in your life,  he definitely deserves an acknowledgement. If you haven't had a tour already to his blog, where have you been?  The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer … Continue reading The world is full of kind people.